Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

“We” “Us” “Our” 4th Dimension Ltd t/a Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre (registered company in England and Wales #04617597) Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre can be contacted at info@blacklandfarm.org.

2. Bookings

2a. When a booking is made, it is regarded as a provisional booking. A deposit payment of 20% of the value of the booking is required to confirm a provisional booking. Deposit payments are non-refundable and non-transferable other than set out in this agreement.

2b. Provisional bookings will be held for a period of 30 days. After this period, Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre reserves the right to cancel or amend your booking. Provisional bookings are confirmed upon the receipt of the deposit payment.

2c. Bookings made less than 30 days before the arrival date are considered confirmed bookings with full payment due. The relevant Terms and Conditions relating to confirmed bookings apply.

2d. Bookings for Open Duke of Edinburgh courses and School Holiday Club Programmes require other conditions to confirm the booking, such as full payment, which will be specified at the time of booking. All other terms apply.

2e. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre may, at times, need to make major changes to your booking. On these occasions, you will be informed and allowed the right to cancel the booking without penalty.

2f. Full Balance payment is due 30 days prior to arrival. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre understands that financial situations may vary, and are happy to discuss this with relevant parties. Any additional services agreed or added to a booking during the visit will be invoiced on departure with a 14 day payment term.

3. Services and Facilities

3a. Services may vary slightly from descriptions on promotional or informational materials. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre does not accept liability for such variations.

3b. Except for specified events, bookings require an adult aged 18 or over to be present for the duration of the booking, who is the responsible person for any guest under the age of 18 relevant to that booking.

3c. Upon arrival, the Group Leader must check in at Reception before any other action is taken.

3d. Use of our services and facilities is subject to your agreement to follow the ‘site rules’ and includes taking all reasonable steps to minimise disturbance to other guests. It is the guests obligation to ensure this is read and understood prior to arrival.

3e. Use of our services and facilities is subject to your agreement to follow our Safeguarding Policy and Health and Safety Policy. It is the guests obligation to ensure this is read and understood prior to arrival.

3f. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre reserves the right to charge groups for damage to facilities or equipment caused by members of the group during the stay.

3g. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if a group leaves any area in an unreasonable state of cleanliness.

3h. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre reserves the right to make minor changes to programmes due to operational factors such as weather. In this instance, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible.

3g. Accommodation is booked per night. Arrival and departure dates/times are shown on your booking confirmation. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that their planned itinerary matches the booking confirmation. Arrival or departure outside of these times must be agreed in writing and may be subject to further charges.

4. Cancellation or Changes

4a. Any changes to a cancellation of a booking must be confirmed in writing or will not be valid.

4b. The guest may cancel all or part of their booking at any time with written notice, subject to the following cancellation charges:

• 91 days or more- Deposit Only
• 31-90 days- 60% of the value of the booking
• 30 days or less- 100% of the value of the booking

4c. Cancellation charges apply to all items booked as per the booking confirmation.

4d. Changes resulting in an increase in visitor numbers or additions to booked items are subject to availability and must be agreed in advance by Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre and charged accordingly.

6. Supervision

6a. Adults accompanying under 18s or vulnerable young people agree to act in loco parentis at all times. Adults must be in attendance during instructed activity sessions. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre staff will provide activity instruction, and group management must be managed by the adult supervising.

6b. All instructed activities require a group card in writing detailing health and medical needs (and dietary needs, if applicable) of group members prior to the visit. Accompanying adults should know the specific health and medical needs (and dietary needs, if applicable) of group members, and disclose these to the instructor at the start of the session. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the session, with costs still liable.

8. Force Majeure

8a. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any obligation due to cause beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to; strikes, acts of God, war (whether actual or threatened), riot, civil commotion, lock outs, labour disputes, terrorism (whether actual or threatened), malicious damage, threats to safety, compliance with law or governmental, third party or regulatory authority order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, environmental contamination, pandemic, epidemic, outbreak of disease, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, natural, chemical, biological or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, difficulty or increased expense in obtaining staff, materials, goods or raw materials in connection with the performance of this agreement.

9. Insurance and Liability

9a. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre holds public liability insurance provided by Activities Industry Mutual to the value of £10 million.

9b. Blackland From Outdoor Centre strongly recommends that groups and individuals purchase appropriate insurance for their visit.

9c. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre does not accept liability for personal belongings, property and equipment of the visitor that has been lost, stolen or damaged during the course of the visit.

10. Complaints

10a. If you should have a complaint or query regarding the service or facility provided by Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre, you should, in the first instance, contact the Duty Manager on-site as soon as possible to discuss.

10b. If you feel that you do not receive a satisfactory resolution from the above, you should contact info@blacklandfarm.org. A relevant manager will acknowledge the complaint within 3 working days and details of their intended action.

12. Site Rules (Terms of Use)

12a. The named adult on the booking is responsible for providing accurate information where requested.

12b. You are responsible for the administration of first aid to guests in the first instance, and for documenting with us any accidents or incidents.

12c. If you require assistance from emergency services, Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre staff must be informed at the earliest opportunity.

12d. Guests are responsible for following all fire procedures as provided.

12e. Large ‘camp’ fires are permitted in designated spaces. Barbeques are permitted for use if they are off the ground. Disposable barbeques are not permitted. Fire pits are permitted for use on campgrounds if they are off the ground. All ash, coals, fuel must be disposed of in a responsible manner.

12f. Guests must only drive in permitted areas, adhering to a speed limit of 5 mph on-site.
12g. Guests are responsible for disposal of refuse and recycling.

12h. Dogs are permitted within the grounds, but must always be on the lead. Dog owners must be responsible for clearing and disposal of dog waste. Assistance dogs are permitted in all facilities.

12i. External suppliers of any kind are not permitted without prior written approval from Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre.

12j. Smoking is not permitted on site.

12k. Guests must follow the Countryside Code.

12l. The consumption of alcohol is permitted onsite, as long as this is respectful of other guests, in moderation, and is not in conflict with any site policy. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the site if they display inappropriate behaviour.

12m. Guests must display appropriate behaviour. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the site if they display inappropriate behaviour.

12n. Facilities and services must be left in the manner presented on arrival. Charges are applicable to any damage or cleaning services incurred.

12o. Guests must not do or permit any action which is illegal or a nuisance, disturbance or annoyance, other guests or neighbouring properties. The site’s quiet times are between 10pm-7am.

12p. Guests must not use the grounds for any service that contradicts policy or direction for use.

12q. Guests will be provided with relevant access codes where required. These codes must not be shared externally. Gates and locks should be closed after use to maintain security. The main front gate will be closed outside of office hours and users requiring access outside these hours are advised to park outside of the gate.

13. Privacy and Data

13a. Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre has a commitment to protecting privacy and data. Our Data Protection Policy tells you what we do in order to understand why we collect your data, how we use it, what we do to keep it safe, your rights, and how we process your data. If you have any queries about this policy, its content, or your own rights, you can contact us at info@blacklandfarm.org.

14. General

These booking conditions may be varied by us at any time and at our sole discretion. Any new booking conditions will be published and attached to your initial email enquiry with immediate effect. Your booking is governed by English Law, and the jurisdiction of the English Courts..