Science Days

The Best Science Lesson
They Will Ever Have!
KS2-KS5 Curriculum-focused activities that won’t break the bank.

The Best Learning Is Hands-on, Exciting, Emotional, Challenging and Relevant.

By association key concepts with emotional and visual activities students will have far superior retention and improved understanding.

At Blackland Farm Outdoor Centre we have a learning experience that is absolutely unique, fun and exciting. It will be a learning experience that students will remember forever.

We will work with you to:

  • Define the educational, social, and personal objectives for the visit.
  • Identify and cross reference activities with the National Curriculum and/or exam specification.
  • Make sure we appropriate provision for any special needs and specialist learning requirements your party may have.
  • Agree the evaluation process.
  • Confirm our compliance with all insurance and legal requirements.
  • Address any issues regarding safeguarding, accommodation and training.
  • Ensure the students activities also support key areas of your citizenship and inclusion programmes.

Our Educational Consultants have drawn on their experience and expertise in education at both Primary and Secondary Level. They understand the Science and Psychology of Learning, the requirements of curriculum needs and even cross-reference it to National Curriculum, GCSE and AS/A2 Specifications. They bring their experience of Senior School Leadership, including Headship, Science and Maths subject leadership and teaching to bear in the development of our educational programmes.

From Zip Wires, to Pendulums, to Jacobs Ladders and Crate balancing, we have many aspects of the Key Stage 2,3 and 4 National Curriculum in Science covered.

With speed distance and time activities, angles, and distances we have elements of the Maths Curriculum covered also, and we can adapt the activities to suite your maths requirements.

Our guarantee is simply this; your students will learn, they will have fun and they will be safe. They will grow as an individual and as part of a team.

Whether happy ascending into heights or keeping their feet firmly on the ground they will be able to participate fully.

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