Our Activities

Ascend to new heights, test your aim in archery, and navigate the waters with canoeing & kayaking activities.

At Blackland Farm, there’s an adventure for every thrill-seeker.

Land Based Activities


A skill-building activity where participants use real bows and arrows to shoot at targets. Games included!

Aero Ball

A physically challenging activity, which is a mixture between trampolining and basketball.

Boulder Wall

A confidence building activity where participants work their way around the wall at a low height.

Bungee Trampolines

A fun activity where participants are harnessed into a bungee cords, propelling them into the air as they jump.


A hands-on activity where participants get out in the great outdoors and learn essential skills for survival.


Toast marshmallows and engage in songs around the campfire in this traditional evening activity.

Grass Sledges

Participants whizz down our hills on our specialist grass sledges- all of the fun without the snow!


Navigate on and off-site with torches in this immersive outdoor walk at night.


Using a map navigate your way around our large site looking for markers. A real life treasure hunt

Sucker Archery

Hire our sucker archery equipment to run a low-risk archery session with no less of the fun!

Team Building

A team-based activity full of challenges and tasks to bring people together in achieving goals.


Participants navigate through our artificial system of tubes to find the exit routes.

High and Low Ropes​


A confidence building activity - participants abseil themselves from our 12 metre tower.

All Aboard

A team-building High-Ropes activity where participants must work together to balance on a 'pizza box' at height.

Ball and Wobbly Log

Participants must climb a ladder then traverse a wobbly bridge before climbing a tree and jumping for a ball! Can you reach it?

Cargo Net

Participants race to the top of the giant Cargo Net. Who will win?

Crate Stacking

A roped activity that builds teamwork and trust by working together to build a tower of crates for participants to stand on top of.

Gladiator Challenge

Participants race up our vertical obstacle course or work as a team to get to the top as fast as possible. GLADIATOR READY!

Indoor and Outdoor Climbing

Participants work together to safely belay participants up and down our climbing walls.

Indy Bridge

Participants must climb trees and traverse the wobbly bridges to get to the top - Just like Indiana Jones!

Jacobs Ladder

A team-based activity - participants must work together to climb to the top of a giant ladder, belayed by their friends.

Leap of Faith / Perch

A confidence building High Roped activity where participants must climb to a platform and then leap off to catch a trapeze bar!

Low Ropes

Participants negiotiate beams, wires and obstacles to reach the end of the course in a test of balance, trust, and coordination.


Explore Stone Farm's hidden secrets. From traversing through gullies to discovering caves. It's all there to find!

Zip Wires

Participants launch themselves from height onto our gravity defying zip lines!

Water Activities


Instructors work with participants to move single canoes around the water and participate in challenges to perfect their skills and explore the reservoir

Improvised Raft Building

A water-based activity where participants build rafts and launch them on the water! Hopefully they hold together?!


Participants learn how to paddle their own kayak and improve their skills with games and challenges.

Mega SUP

Up to 12 Participants work together to paddle our 2 Mega SUPS around the reservoir and participate in games and challenges. Can YOU stay on board?


Participants learn how to use Stand Up Paddleboards and improve their skills with challenges and games on the water!

Rafted Canoes

Instructors work with participants to move rafted canoes around the water and participate in challenges and game to perfect their skills.

Challenge Your Limits

Ascend to new heights on our dynamic high ropes courses, test your aim with precision archery, and navigate the serene waters of our picturesque lake through canoeing and kayaking activities. At Blackland Farm, there’s an adventure for every thrill-seeker.